Additional Directories

It is our pleasure to provide links to additional directories of Systemic Constellations, Facilitators & Trainers.
We hope that you can find a Facilitator fitting your needs.
And as a Facilitator/Trainer, we hope you find a network of colleagues to be useful and supportive.

Bert Hellinger Instituut Nederland

The Bert Hellinger Institute is the training, knowledge and research center for systemic work. Our founders were at the forefront of systemic work in the Netherlands. We now organize BHI workshops, trainings and in-company courses on a daily basis, both in the Netherlands and abroad.


Constellators International

CIThe mission of Constellators International is to offer support to constellators all over the world for creating and running a successful business with constellation work.

Constellation Talk

Constellation Talk is a constellation community resource since 2003. The email group permits colleagues to share questions, insights, and experiences. It is moderated, holds space for curiosity, sharing, and exchange without any advertising.

Hellinger Schule

The Hellinger® School is committed to the content and findings of Hellinger Sciencia®, the science of all our relationships, founded by Bert Hellinger. It conveys these in the form of seminars, lectures, workshops, congresses and counseling and guarantees the preservation of the quality and purity of Family Constellation in the sense and spirit of Bert and Sophie Hellinger.


Infosyon – International Forum for System Constellations in Organizations

Infosyon promotes and holds spaces where people who work with organizational constellations, teach and research the method, can come together. We support our community to learn, share and be nourished in the method, while ensuring professional quality standards moving forward with our certification process. (German and English)


International Directory

An International Directory is listed on Talent Manager. Here you will find a series of webs related to Systemic work: workshops, courses, conferences, congresses, special events, etc. They are divided by countries with indication of what can be found in each one (Family and/or Organizational Constellations), and in which language they are.



ISCA – International Systemic Constellations Association

ISCA-LOGO-31ISCA serves as a hub & holder of systemic constellation work in all its settings and applications for present and future generations of constellators.


Stories From the Field – Conversations for Facilitators by Facilitators, Hosted by Meghan Kelly

Stories from the Field is a community that has been building since 2020.  In its monthly meetings, facilitators of all experience levels have the chance to come and ask questions, bounce ideas off one another, meet and network with other facilitators, and/or share experiences working in the Field.  The goal of these conversations is to connect facilitators and to share experiences, particularly those that strengthened connection with the Knowing Field.  The schedule varies each month to include facilitators in all time zones.  See you soon!


Systemic Constellations Association of South Africa

scasa1SCASA was founded as a membership association supporting trained, quality and skilled professionals and the growth of the work in South Africa in a professional way.  SCASA went on to include various trainers and training graduates according to internationally accepted guidelines in the field of Systemic Work. It is now a thriving community of practitioners that offers members the benefits of a professional organization and community of peers.