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Here you will find a selection of articles that members have written, as well as links to the world-wide known ‘Knowing Field’, an international journal of Systemic Constellations that has been available to the community prior to social media. It holds an incredible amount of insights, sharings, and explorations.

A store is available for your wants and needs in purchasing a book, video or dvd as well as other tools: Hellinger DC

We are particularly proud to have been successful in collecting some rare articles from the founder of the Constellation Process: Bert Hellinger.

And of course we have a variety of video’s available, both for the beginner to Systemic Constellations and and the well-versed Facilitator or Trainer.

Naturally – we continue to collect resources. Feel free to send what you have for us to include:

And would be delighted to hear from you!

Bert Hellinger Articles

Family Constellation Articles

Evidence-based Constellation Studies

Constellation Videos

Bert Hellinger and Dyrian Benz Interview

Family Constellations – Katarina Wittich

Bert Hellinger Talk at Fordham University 2004

What is Family Constellations? – Oscar Westra Van Holthe

This is an introduction to Family Constellation that explains Bert Hellinger’s Orders of Love, the loyalties and the entanglements we can have in our Family System, and how we can start the healing process with Family Constellations.

Brief and straightforward explanation of Family Constellations. 

This video explains the interrupted movement or break of the bond with our mother and how that affects our lives. 

This video teaches you about the order of belonging and why this is so important for our lives.

This video explains the order of hierarchy and the importance of being in our place and our role in the Family System.

In this video, you can learn about the order of giving and receiving and why this is important in our relationships and work.

Healing with acceptance helps us heal and enjoy our present life without waiting for things to change or to be different. 

In this video, I talk about the entanglements in the Family System and why we have them.