Bert Hellinger

Biography of Bert Hellinger
* 1925 † 2019

Bert Hellinger studied philosophy, theology and education. He worked for 16 years as a missionary for a Catholic order among the Zulus in South Africa. There he was intensively engaged with the influence of group dynamics. Afterwards Bert Hellinger became a psychoanalyst and completed various trainings in Primary Therapy, Transactional Analysis, Ericksonian Hypnotherapy and Neurolinguistic Programming

Over the years he finally developed his own method: Family Constellation (Familien-Stellen) according to Bert Hellinger was born. Today it is known worldwide and is used in many different areas. In psychotherapy, organizational and management consulting, education, medicine, justice, life and educational counseling and life assistance in the broadest sense.
It is a training for life.

Bert Hellinger researched further and further. New insights and discoveries, gained in practice during seminars, conversations, meditations and many other life situations, were constantly incorporated into his method. Until it became clear that the “Original Family Constellation according to Hellinger” had grown beyond this level. Instead of a rigid technique that could be learned and a claim to help, a posture of a very special kind emerged, so to speak in the first place. A posture of “consenting to what is – exactly as it is”.

Through this approach, the scope and effectiveness of Original Hellinger® Family Constellation has been and continues to be expanded and enhanced. In the meantime, Original Hellinger® Family Constellation has found its way into the courts and the health care system. 

Family Constellation is now being further developed by Sophie Hellinger. Ever new observations, insights and findings have led to the current state, Original Hellinger® Family Constellation, with Cosmic Power® taking a special place.  

Bert Hellinger has written over 110 books. These have been translated into 38 languages (available in our shop at Amazon and via VideoOnDemand) The work of Bert and Sophie Hellinger is documented in numerous videos and CD/DVDs.


Bert Hellinger

The man Bert Hellinger.

For those interested in getting to know Bert Hellinger a little better, Heinrich Breuer, Theo Roos and Wilfried Nelles held an interview in which he tells – a piece – of his life.


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