Conferences & Online Communities

Take a step into a conference as one who wishes to meet a variety of Facilitators in the Field, or as one who is ready to deepen your skill, meet colleagues, explore. We aim to list the majority of conferences held in the US, and World-Wide.

If you are a provider of a conference, please email us to be listed (no charge).

8th Annual Western Systemic Constellations Intensive

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May 1st – 5th, 2024 – Ghost Ranch, Abiquiu, New Mexico, USA
Francesca Mason Boring, Suzi Tucker & Sarah Peyton

22nd annual East Coast Constellation Intensive for Facilitators

Conferences for Facilitiators

founded in september 2000
October 2024, date TBD
Baltimore, MD
Hosted by Andrea Bosbach Largent


NASC 2024 North American Systemic Constellation Conference
date to be determined

Conferences for Facilitiators

The purpose of “North American Systemic Constellations” (NASC) is to organize educational conferences and other learning experiences that support the growth and development of Systemic Constellations as a healing modality, to help create community and connections and provide a quality learning experience for participants in the art of Systemic Constellations so that the far-reaching benefits of Systemic Constellation can be shared with the public. 

International Systemic Constellation Conference

Conferences for Facilitiators

 Online Format

The vision of the International Systemic Constellation Conference is to provide the most powerful and effective learning opportunities to support a more peaceful, harmonious, and creative world as a gift to the present and future generations.

Annual International Systemic Constellation Learning Circle

Stephan Hausner

10 – 14 July, 2024, Siegsdorf, Germany

The Intention of this Training Workshop is to deepen our understanding of basic principles
of Transformation-Oriented Systemic Constellation Work. In order to provide deep processes of learning please understand that this workshop is only for constellation facilitators and therapists with advanced experience in systemic
constellation work. 
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Online communities can be invaluable in our exchange as peers, facilitators, trainers & supervisors:

Constellation Talk

Constellation Talk is a constellation community resource since 2003. The email group permits colleagues to share questions, insights, and experiences. It is moderated, holds space for curiosity, sharing, and exchange without any advertising.
Constellation Talk

Stories From the Field – Conversations for Facilitators by Facilitators, Hosted by Meghan Kelly

Conferences for Facilitiators
Stories from the Field is a community that has been building since 2020.  In its monthly meetings, facilitators of all experience levels have the chance to come and ask questions, bounce ideas off one another, meet and network with other facilitators, and/or share experiences working in the Field.  The goal of these conversations is to connect facilitators and to share experiences, particularly those that strengthened connection with the Knowing Field.  The schedule varies each month to include facilitators in all time zones.  See you soon!