Constellation Elders, USA

Welcome to the history of how Systemic Constellations started in the United States, how it grew and unfolded over its first decade. Simply a document of respect, honoring, and remembering. For us today, and those years ahead.


Many trainers from Germany & Europe provided training to those first holding Constellations in United States of America.

Their names are:

Bert Hellinger †, Dr. Albrecht Mahr, Gunthard Weber, Hunter Beaumont †, Berthold Ulsamer, Dan Vaan Kampenhout, Dietrich Weth, Guni Baxa, Claudia mengel, Harald Hohnen, Heinz Stark †, Judith Hemming, Sneh Vistoria Schnabel, Sieglinde & Jackob Sneider, Stephan Hausner and more.

Thank you to all of the Teachers, named and unnamed!