Maria Ximena Rodriguez

Maria Ximena Rodriguez
Professional Titles
Psychologist, MBA Executive Coaching
Constellation Training
Brigitte Champetier, Institut Gestalt de Barcelona, Stephan Hausner, Susan Ulfelder, Veronica Correa
Year Began Facilitating
More about my practice:
Maria Ximena Rodriguez is a Family Constellation Facilitator, Psychologist and Life Coach. She provides online and private sessions. Maria Ximena also facilitates group workshops in the US and Latin America. She initially completed her family constellation training at the Hellinger Institute of Washington, DC, and most recently completed the Veronica Correa School Training in Uruguay and the Brigitte Champetier Training in Lima, Peru. Additionally, Maria Ximena completed the Intensive Relationship Training with Joan Garriga at the Institut Gestalt of Barcelona. With multiple years of experience as a Life Coach and therapist, Maria Ximena loves to dive-in and explore the hidden dynamics that operate in families through generations. These dynamic interactions often sabotage the process of attaining happiness, peace and prosperity. It is these family interactions that prevent persons from achieving goals in life. When a person discovers the hidden dynamics in his/her family, he/she can unblock them, and this frees them to move forward in life. And you can hear Maria Ximena everyday saying: “That’s my work, and I love that!”.
Phone Number
English, Spanish
Constellation Field
Family Constellations, Constellation Coaching, Organizational Constellations, Online Constellations

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