Tracy Cartwright

Tracy Cartwright
Professional Titles
Founder of Constellations Healing and insight NZ
Constellation Training
Angelina Chisholm, Anngwyn St. Just, Bill Mannle, Dan Cohen, Emily Blefeld, Francesca Mason Boring, Jane Peterson, John L. Payne, Jon Jacob Stam, Leslie Nipps, Mark Wolynn, Sarah Peyton, Stephan Hausner, Suzi Tucker
Year Began Facilitating
More about my practice:
Tracy is a dream weaver, a creative intuitive, a Family Constellation facilitator, and a drum maker. She is passionate about plant medicine, family, somatic body wisdom, elemental blessings, and healing through art. Tracy's ancestors are a melting pot of Scottish-Irish, Swedish, Maori, Hawaiian, and English cultures, which bring a colorful collaboration of resources and strength. Coming from a background in nursing, herbal medicine, and child care, Tracy has a diverse range of skills that support her immense ability to guide and support others on their journeys. Tracy is a Constellation trainer and has been facilitating for over a decade, she has hosted and facilitated local and international retreats for empowerment and connecting to self through the movement of the soul. She has presented on the global stage through online conferences and the Australasian intensives.
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New Zealand
Constellation Field
Family Constellations, Online Constellations

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