History of the Facilitator Directory

It has been my pleasure to host a directory for systemic constellators from 2000 to 2021. Now, in its new addition – we thought it time to share about its beginnings and history.

Constellation work in the US in 1999/2000 was spread far and few between. As a Facilitator from Germany, yet a newcomer to the US landscape, I, Andrea Bosbach Largent was looking for ‘my’ community: the Community of Constellators! And so I began listing who was facilitating where; just a simple word document, for personal use. As connections were made more fully at events and conferences, mostly on the US East Coast from 2000 onward – colleagues expressed an interest in the list(s) Andrea had created. And by April 2001 a document had been birthed, named the Happenings USA.

The happenings USA listed who was facilitating where & when. It was sent via group email to those listed within it. This would be the birthing process of what is now known as the Facilitator Directory. The vision was, and remains to this day, a simple one: Creating Connections!

Connections between those seeking constellations, and connections amongst colleagues within the field of constellating.

In its early years, the listing was so small that it fit on a pdf/word doc. The listing contained a ‘who offered the work where & when’, organized by geographical area. Andrea would email it to the constellation community on a semi-quarterly basis to those listed. As trainings grew in the US from 2002 onward, so did the list of facilitators and their offerings. The simple word doc graduated to an excel spreadsheet. Starting with literally 3 names in 2000, by 2008 it was about 50!

Then, websites moved into our way of presenting to the world. It had already become too comprehensive a list to keep using a group email. And so the Happenings USA moved onto Andrea’s website in 2012 – now named the Facilitator Directory, housed on her practice sites: www.FieldConstellations.net, later on: www.AncestralRealms.net. Naturally, that changed a few things – it got more organized! And it involved costs which was shared by those listed. All along, to this day, the directory charges within the facilitator community solely for its own autonomy. The directory self-supports and does not earn profits.

Back to history: The Directory grew, and grew… by the year 2019, there were over 120 listings. It was and continues to be an absolute treasure and pleasure to have witnessed the growth of this simple networking tool. To me, Andrea, it is the representation of a great many Elders, Trainers, and Facilitators moving this work out into the world with success. And with impact.

With 100++ listings, the Directory had outgrown it’s capacity to be an ‘add-on’ to a practitioner’s site. And the decision was made to give it its own website, make it independent of the founding and founder. Engage a team to carry it into the future. And so in 2020 preparations began for this new site, now known as the Facilitator-Directory.com.

As a team, we wish to continue the vision of Creating Connections while also providing an all-inclusive platform for trainers, supervisor, and facilitators from all geographic regions to be visible to those seeking constellation work. And to those standing in the community of Constellators as a platform for support, connection and reassurance that we are indeed here!

Building the new site, providing an administrator, and actively marketing has brought with it a very different structure from how it all started.  I am pleased to have been a founding force in what is now in existence. I remain an active advisor to the team taking the directory into its next phase, offering a variety of listings, search functions, and rare resources such as articles by Bert Hellinger that are a bit rare. Members can upload pictures, biographical and practice information. Language spoken and specialties can be named and searched by as well – hoping to provide the constellation seeker an opportunity to find just the perfect practitioner.

The Directory is searchable by geographical area, language, specialty and name for clients to find the facilitator that fits their needs.

Anyone who wishes to contribute to this history, or share a part of their own, please reach out to us. We are here, we are listening, we are open: thefacilitatordirectory@gmail.com. Thank you.